What's new to reCommerce4?


What type of changes were made in reCommerce4?

Resaleworld released the initial reCommerce platform back in 2005. In the past 11 years, we have made extensive changes to the engine and usability which have made it faster and easier to use. reCommerce3 was updated to adapt to the onslaught of mobile and tablet devices. Also, we decided to use a web design platform which has become extremely popular in today's web design world - Bootstrap. Additional changes were also made to improve the cart experience, search suggesting, shipping, security and most importantly, performance. Lastly, the new Liberty Mobile Connector Module, only available for reCommerce3 stores, allows a much greater experience for your consignors. reCommerce4 includes the above features but includes Liberty Mobile Connector Module, with Plans B & C. reCommerce4 also introduced new features such as Favorite Closet - one can see items by a specific consignor, Liberty filter - one can filter by size, color, brand and/or price, New arrivals per category, Infinite scroll, Featured Categories and even more.

What is Bootstrap and what makes it so special?

Without sounding too 'geeky', Bootstrap is a set of tools used by developers to allow them to develop websites with a consistent set of tools that provide a better user experience. Whew! Ok, in layman's terms, it helps your website look better without a lot of extra work. The new default theme for reCommerce4 is 'reBoot' - it's based entirely on the Bootstrap platform. Some of the benefits are...

  •   Fully responsive - so it performs well on mobile, tablets and desktops
  •   Works with all the latest browser versions including IE 9/10, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
  •   Allows your site to have a pleasant, modern design
  •   Lots of pre-loaded themes, and built-in custom theme picker
  •   Choice of Category Menu including - dropdown, mega menus, etc.
  •   Much wider choice of footer layout and contents
  •   Many more options on administration side to allow better customization

Can I use a template other than the one built with reBoot and Bootstrap?

Of course you can, but here's why we strongly encourage you to consider using the new template engine and features.

We have fully customized and tested reBoot to work with Resaleworld specific customizations.  These customizations are as follows:

  •   Markdown schedules & pricing
  •   Recently Reduced
  •   New Arrivals
  •   eBay Items Logo and Re-direct
  •   SMS Order Notification
  •   Consignor Login (Plan A)
  •   Liberty Mobile Connector (Plan B & C)
  •   Speedbar Options
  •   Favorite Search
  •   Favorite Closet
  •   Liberty Filter
  •   New Arrival per Category
  •   Infinite Scroll
  •   Featured Categories

We will offer a-la-carte customization pricing for specific Resaleworld Customizations, should you wish for us to add this functionality to another template

Bottom line, if you want to use something other than those built into the new reCommerce4 engine and want the benefit of the above features, be prepared to spend more money on customizations.

What is the Liberty Mobile Connector module?

WARNING! WARNING! Please sit down before reading this.

  •   Provides a direct, secure, encrypted connection to your Liberty database via the Liberty MobileAPI
  •   Gives consignors access to their full inventory
  •   Allows consignors to see their entire payout history
  •   Along with payout details
  •   Allows consignors to generate item list emails for themselves
  •   Allows consignors to use their store credit directly from within your reCommerce4 website as payment!

Bottom line, if you want to use something other than those built into the new reCommerce4 engine and want the benefit of the above features, be prepared to spend more money on customizations.

Ok, you can assume your normal activity now...

Why would I need the Liberty Mobile Connector module if I already use Consignor Login?

  •   There is only so much data that automatic synchronizations can handle - uploading an entire copy of your Liberty Database to a website isn't practical.
  •   There is information that shouldn't be uploaded to a site - Consignor Login's View Online Items feature works great, but there's a need to view information on items that have not been set up to be web items.
  •   The data synchronization model can't handle certain features, such as Item List Email requests.
  • This is just phase 1... the capabilities of this feature open up a new world of possibilities! In the future, we plan to add enhancements such as the ability for customers to use store credit for online purchases!

Upgrading to reCommerce4 (for existing customers) What is the process to upgrade my existing site to reCommerce4?

  •   There is no way to directly upgrade an existing reCommerce1, 2, or 3 sites to reCommerce4
  •   We can remove an existing reCommerce site, which will allow for a new reCommerce4 site to be created
  •   We can set up a reCommerce4 Development Site, which is a temporary site that can be customized while the existing reCommerce site remains live

Are there any reasons not to upgrade to reCommerce4?

  •   Many non-PCI Compliant payment processors were removed from X-Cart.  While using a PCI-Compliant payment processor is strongly recommended, this may require switching processors orpurchasing X-Cart's X-Payments Module.  
  •   Paypal, Mercury and Payment Logistics Hosted Checkout do work in reCommerce4.
  •   As there is no direct upgrade option, there is no way to carry customizations forward from an older version of reCommerce.

Are there any other factors to consider when deciding whether to upgrade?

  •   We are not requiring reCommerce2, or 3 users to upgrade at this time.
  •   At some point in the future, we will cease all development for reCommerce2 and reCommerce3 sites, as we have for reCommerce1 sites (both web customizations and bug fixes).
  •   Some time after that, we will cease support.
  •   We have not determined specific dates for end of development / end of support at this time, but we announce these dates well in advance.