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No more cookie cutter templates with limited features and poor design...

Since 2006, our web gurus have tweaked, patched, enhanced, debugged, experimented, tested, modified, amplified and redesigned our reCommerce solution to bring you the first and only fully integrated consignment desktop application to eCommerce business solution. The new reCommerce 4.0 is now completely customizable to meet any front-end custom design.

Looking for some design ideas, check out our Design Ideas page.

If you would like a unique look and feel for your website, please click the "Request Consultation" button, above, or call @ 800-785-4800, or click HERE to schedule an appointment with one of our eCommerce specialists. After all, the first hour is free. Additional pricing information on the most commons requests are itemized below.

Most Commonly Requested Features and Enhancements

Feature Billing Type Minimum Required Hours Starting Price
Consignment Submittal Form
Allows consignors to submit photos and details about items they would like to consign. **Any modifications from the default form styling, content, layout, will be billed at an hourly rate in addition to the $150 for the form.
Flat Rate N/A $150.00
Custom Forms
Online forms provide you an easier way to manage and collect information.
Hourly Rate 4 $600.00+
Modal Pop-up Windows
Custom pop-up windows used to display newsletter sign-up forms, Google maps, notices and other forms content.
Hourly Rate 1 $150.00 - Varies
DNS (Domain Name Service) Redirect
Already have your own domain name registered with GoDaddy or Google? We will configure your domain host account to redirect your domain to your new reCommerce website.
Flat Rate < 1 $75.00
Newsletter Sign-Up Form
Build a custom form that links to your existing Constant Contact, MailChimp SnapRetail or other email marketing account.
Hourly Rate 2 $150.00+
404 Error Page
Unique 404 Error page with navigation links, store branded theme.
Hourly Rate 2  $300.00  - Varies
Static Pages
Provide your text and images to our web developers and have your pages created, tested and optimized for your new mobile friendly website.
Hourly Rate 2 $300.00  - (Varies by page qty.)
Product / Category Page Redesign
Beautiful redesigns for your category and product search pages to match your new customized theme.
Hourly Rate 3 $450.00+
Custom Product Detail Page
Clean, simple and current designs to give your website the unique look and feel it needs to leave a lasting impression without compromising speed and performance.
Hourly Rate 3 $450.00+
Custom Menus
Need advanced filtering and sorting options to make navigation easy for your users? Our new menu filtering options will utilize your existing Liberty categories and attributes to maintain consistency between your store and online business. Very customizable and dynamic that automatically displays new categories and attributes which each product upload.
Hourly Rate 3 $450.00+
Anything Else?
Our development team is skilled in several programming languages. We don't use bug generating web building tools, we actually create most of our code from the ground up. More control. More flexibility. More efficiency and More options to accomodate your customers and business needs.
Hourly Rate 1 Varies

Note: If further customization changes are requested, additional development time will be quoted and billed for separately. Errors, repairs, bugs or typos are not counted against this count.

Still unsure on what approach to take with your new reCommerce website?


Design Consulting

A Fresh New Look!


Need help with your logo, theme or color scheme or perhaps thinking of a fresh new look and feel for your website? Please click the "Request Consultation" button, below, or call @ 800-785-4800, or click HERE to schedule an appointment with one of our eCommerce specialists. After all, the first hour is free.

First Hour Consulting FREE
ea. Add'l Hour $150.00

Project Planning

Think. Plan. Build.


Need help planning your eCommerce project? Our team can provide a temporary testing website and project packet detailing our recommendations based on your design ideas and eCommerce goals. Our packages include an itemized list of recommended selling features, milestones and marketing strategies.

Project Plan Call for pricing (One-time fee)

Maintenance Plan

Keep it current...


Our team will continue to implement your changes providing assistance with helping you keep your images and content up-to-date. If you've been considering adding more enhancements or need help with removing and/or modifying features, do not hestitate to contact the web developer you previously worked with.

Give our development team a call at 800-785-4800 to setup another web consultation to discuss your new changes further.

Up to one hour of development time per month. One hour can roll over to the next month, if not used and will expire the following month.