Standard Starter Package  VS.  Customization

When you first register for reCommerce4, your new website is created within minutes and supplied with a basic mobile responsive reBoot Template. The reBoot Template is feature rich offering several different color themes and add-on modules that may be enabled from the "back-end". Hired website developers and designers often refer to this as the admin area or CMS (content management system) for most websites. Although none of the theme options included with the default template requires any knowledge of code, it may seem limited to stores wanting to build a unique website.

As more subscribed customers requested custom changes to the default template, it became apparent that we needed to offer a service to help customers unfamiliar with xCart and web design. Although resources are available in the form of training videos, how-to articles and xCart manuals, it can still seem like an overwhelming task to learn how to utilize all of the key features offered.

Standard Starter Package


Standard reCommerce Website Starter package allow an experienced reCommerce web developer to setup and configure all of the options to get you up and running as quickly as possible. These packages are best suitable for stores not having time to invest in watching training videos, read manuals or sit through our online Webinar courses. Once the all the items on the Deliverables List has been received, our web developers simply do the work for you so you can focus more on sales and building your business.



Website customizations on the other hand are geared more towards those wanting a unique look and feel for their website. The most important difference between a custom website and a Standard reBoot Template is the uniqueness. Every customized website begins with an idea and concept different from all others. Our developers also create most of their custom code from the ground up, allowing for more flexibility and potential enhancements.