reCommerce Services


Starter Package

We are currently offering a Starter Package for stores wanting to get up and running quickly and don't have time to setup the site themselves. You provide us the content (see deliverables list). We do the work for you.


Need some help with custom development such as building a custom pop-up window, form, animated feature, social plugin or need help installing a third party module compatible with xcart 4.7.5, our team can help. If you already have an idea for a website enhancement and need someone to write the code, we got you covered. The web gurus at are experienced in both creating and editing HTML, CSS, jQuery, php, Smarty and MySQL code for virtually any reCommerce custom project.

Already have a complete custom website project in mind? Give us call @ 800-785-4800 to schedule an appointment with one of our eCommerce specialists. After all, the first hour is free.

Web Design

Need help with creating a new fully custom reCommerce website or new look and feel to your current reCommerce website? Our guys have designed many unique fully custom websites. We even wireframe the entire project helping you further visualize the design.

Maybe you just want to add some new features to your current reCommerce website and don't require a fully custom recommerce website?

Give us a call @ 800-785-4800 to schedule an appointment with one of our eCommerce specialists. After all, the first hour is free.

Rates are based upon development time. They vary depending on the complexity of the overall design and if any time may need to be further allocated for research and consulting. Some projects may only require a flat fee where others may involve several hours of development time. We find it best to speak with our clients in detail before determining what may be the best approach for you.

Training is now offering online Webinar training courses to both new and existing reCommerce users.

Online training costs $29 per session and is limited to 6 connections. You can have as many as you want in one of those connections. You are able to ask questions through chat mode only.


Image Services

We realize how important it is for your reCommerce website to display professional, high quality images that tell your story. Our team can help you chose the best photos to accomplish your goals.

Give us a call @ 800-785-4800 to schedule an appointment with one of our eCommerce specialists. After all, the first hour is free.

Domain Redirect

Our web development team will edit your DNS records and configure your website hosted account to ensure your domain web address properly directs to your reCommerce shopping website.

This allows you to use a purchased or leased domain name like instead of using the default domain of Simply provide us with the account information provided by your GoDaddy or Google domain registrar and our team will implement and test all required changes.

Logo Design

Need help with creating the perfect logo? Our design team is the best in the industry and ready to build you the unique, professional logo you've been searching for.

Starting at $299.00

Payment + Shipping

Save time by having our development team setup your online payment gateway. To offer convenience to your customers, it may be beneficial to provide more than one payment method on your reCommerce website. Our team will help ensure that both your chosen credit card processor, PayPal, gift cards and other forms of accepted payments are correctly setup and properly tested on your website.

Several options are available for you to choose from. Before getting started, our team will ask you a series of questions to determine which shipping company we can use on the website, if you prefer to ship using calculated weight or charge a flat fee. Along with these other options, we can also ensure that "local pickup" is added as another shipping method.