Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 'Plan A' different than the other reCommerce Plans?

Not quite ecommerce...but almost!

Plan A is for stores who want to advertise what's in their store but who really don't want to commit to doing ecommerce transactions over the web. Basically, it's like saying "Hey, here's a bunch of our current items that we have for sale in our store. So why don't you stop by and check them out." This may be perfect for stores who really don't feel like shipping items or who would just like to advertise their products to the world.

How many products I can have?

Billions and Billions and Billions....

Well, maybe not that many, however, there is no limit on how many consignors or orders that you can have. You can upload all the items, your plan allows, from Liberty or just a subset. We really recommend that you concentrate on products that are special, unique, can be shipped easily, etc. For more details see our reCommerce Plans page

Product Pictures

It's worth a thousand words, we're told...

Actually, you don't have to take a picture in order for your item to appear on your website - although we highly recommend it. If you're really serious about ecommerce, we suggest you do. Digital cameras are very inexpensive costing as little as $149. You can pick up some very good used cameras on eBay for well under $100. We don't care what camera you use. Liberty can work with pretty much all of them.

Payment Processing Credit Card Authorization

There are a lot of payment options...

reCommerce provides many payment options for you to offer your customers. Vantiv (formally Mercury Payment Systems) & Payment Logistics (for credit cards), and PayPal as well. It's really up to you which payment processing you would like to have in your store.

Secure Transactions

PCI Compliance is a must...

Yes. We use industry-standard SSL encryption for all credit card processing. All our checkout options are secure and meet all PCI compliancy guidelines.

Setting up a merchant account

We work with the best in the business...

Yes, we have a direct working relationship with Mercury Payment Systems & Payment Logistics to offer you very competitive rates for your processing needs. Just fill out the application form and a representative will work with you to get everything going.

Unfortunately, you can't use your in-store merchant account for selling online as well. Merchant providers treat off-line transactions completely different than on-line web orders. Their thinking is that because the transaction does not take place with someone actually giving you a physical credit card, then there is a higher chance of a fraudulent transaction. So what they've done is to keep the two transactions separate. Sorry.

How do I see my orders?

Order Manager to the rescue

Orders will be downloaded into your Liberty product whenever you connect to your reCommerce site. They will look just like regular sales in Liberty except that you will have to ship them to your customers. Don't worry, Liberty has many ways for you to print shipping labels - either by UPS, USPS or FedEx.

International orders

The world is your Oyster...

Yes. reCommerce is designed for the world market. With multilingual, mulitcurrency capabilities all of our merchants can sell to the rest of the world.

Modifying your store content


You can update your site as often as you want, from wherever you happen to be. There are many variables which can be easily changed.

Store look and feel

Your website's look and feel is all in your hands.

The default template provides many different color themes for you to select from. You can even create your own. Different layout options also available. If you want something really creative, use one of our preferred site developers to customize your site however you feel.

Customizing your site

Looking for something different?

Even though the default template provides many different color schemes and layout options to choose from, you may want go absolutely wild on your site. Obviously, it costs money to do this. If you think you really want something different, you can probably expect custom websites to start in the $5,000 - $6,000 range. Let us know if that's something you're interested in and we will try to set you in the right direction.

What about Statistics?

It's all in the numbers

eCommerce tracks an incredible amount of information related to visitors, orders and searches related to your site. You will be able to look at this information whenever you feel like it. These numbers are great for making informed decisions about your storefront.

Transferring your domain name

Let us host your website

Yes. You can point your domain name to your store if you wish. However, if you already have an extensive website, you most likely will want to simply link from your website to your reCommerce store.

Driving traffic to your site

How are they going to buy, if they can't find you.

Yes. reCommerce has a built-in feed to Google Product Search. The synch is done every night and will help you promote your products on the web.

reCommerce Support

We are always there to help.

We stand behind our products and services. Our fast and effective support team is at your service. We take good care of our customers. "We're here to help you." We have been for over 20 years!!!

What about Privacy?

Your secret is safe with us

No. Your customer's information is made available only to YOU. We never share information, customer's personal information or statistics about you or your site.

How much does it cost?

Really, not that much...

We tried very hard to make sure we made reCommerce very affordable. Monthly costs start as low as $39.95/month. We will bill you for whatever plan you selected each month. Visit our pricing page to get detailed pricing info.

Do you take a percentage of our sales?

Yes, but only after a certain point.

If you sign up for Plan B, we will bill you for 3% of the transaction amount at the end of each month for sales over $2,331.67 per month. Basically, you get the first $2,331.67 of sales free each and every month. With Plan C is just a plat rate with no percentage of sales.

Is there a contract

Just sign your children away...sorry, just kidding.

You have to agree to our Terms of Service. That's about it.

Can I stop using reCommerce?

Why would you want to do that?

Once you get going on reCommerce, you'll wonder why you haven't done it earlier. However, if you've retired because of all the money you've made, Just notify our sales department that you would like to cancel your reCommerce store and we will immediately take you offline.