Deliverables List

The following is a list of information and content that will be needed to complete your reCommerce website.

1. Welcome Message Text

On your 'Home' page, you will have a Welcome Message box that can be used for information about your store, philosophy or your business.

*This can be disabled if you choose*

Please provide any text you wish to include on the welcome page to your assigned project manager. (This content is required prior to your website being launched and made available to the public.)


2. Theme Selection

Theme Selection: There are several 'color themes' to choose from. We can use the colors in your logo or something that compliments it. If your colors are not available, please ask your assigned project manager about obtaining new custom colors.

Click here and view the available theme color palette

Please note: that you will see a little black icon with a paint brush - that's the 'theme previewer'. Select from the available colors, refresh the page, and and view your color choice.

This can be disabled prior to your website launching.


3. Logo Placement

Typically a PNG format 300px wide by 100px high. (This is just a guide) Invoice Logo: Only if this different from your main logo. **Note** - the invoice logo is always 'smaller' than your main logo. If you have a very detailed/complicated main logo, your invoice logo may not translate.


4. Layout Style

This is the amount of 'columns' you will see on each of the pages: Home Page, Product Detail Pages, Products Page, Informational (Static) Pages and your Cart Page.

There are three layout variations that involve splitting the pages into one, two or three sections. The common layouts include one column without a sidebar menu on either side or two column sections that include a main body container and one sidebar menu on either the left or right side of the page. You may also select to have two sidebar menus and body container for a total of three column sections. Examples follow.


5. Slider Images

These images can be added to the homepage 'slide show'. You can choose up to 5 images with our starter package. There is no limit with how many you can have on custom sites.

Each of the 5 images can have 'caption text' by adding a Title and a Subtitle to it. In addition you can add a 'hyperlink' that will take you to another page.

Page Style Recommended
Narrow 1170px X 400px
Fluid (full screen) 1900px X 600px
Max. Height 600px
Min. Height 200px
Max. Width 1900px
Min. Width 960px
Note: Image size = width X height


6. Static Page Content

You will have 5 static pages (Informational pages) such as; About us, Consignment Information, Meet our Staff, Polices, etc.. Please provide us with all text that you wish to include on each of your static content pages.

If you are currently using Vantiv (Mercury) or you plan to use Vantiv for your Credit Card Processing, you must use at least 1 static page for your Shipping Policies and your Return Policies.

If you choose to add additional static content pages, please submit a request to your assigned project manager to learn more about pricing and scheduling.

At your request, we can also provide a custom terms and privacy agreement page.


7. Email Hosting Credentials

Before your website can send and recieve order notifications and customer related emails, some SMTP email information is required from your email hosting provider.

Credentials required:

  1. SMTP Server address (Please click here for a list of popular SMTP Server addresses)
  2. SMTP port number (Common port numbers can be 25, 465 or 587)
  3. SMTP username (This is generally your email or login typically used to check your store or business email inbox.)
  4. SMTP password (Please use or provide the password required to log into your store or business email inbox.)
  5. MAIL FROM ADDRESS (In some cases, stores may choose to use a different email address as a reply-to address, please provide your secondary address if applicable.)

These settings allow the website to send out emails for Consignor Login, Invoices, Contact Us, New Account Notifications, .

This infomation should be obtained from your current email host/provider.


8. Social Media Credentials

If you have social media pages for your store/business that you wish to include on your site, please provide us the complete URL link to each social media page. Our team will apply the links to each social media icon brand you wish to include on your site.

URL address required if available:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Tumbler
  7. YouTube
  8. LinkedIn


9. Horizontal Navigation Menu

This is your main 'navigation' menu that generally appears at the header of the page. You can choose to show links for all parent categories, static content pages and help pages.


It is always best practice to map out your website before design and development. One simple approach is to use sticky post-it notes, label each one after a page title or page name you know will have some type of content. Place the post-it notes on a flat surface and begin to move them around to get a feel for how your website will appear to the average consumer. Determine which pages contain the most valuable information. Then select a link title that will direct your visitors to that page from the main navigation menu.

10. Footer Links

These links reside in the footer or (bottom of the page). These links can point to any internal or external webpages related to your website. You may choose to have these links open within your website or as a new tab or window within your search browser.

Common uses include, but not limited to help links, FAQ, About Us, Meet the staff, Consignor Login, Privacy and Terms and complete contact us page included with a complete Google maps location plugin.


11. Domain Redirect

If you have purchased and own your current primary domain name, we will either need your Login Credentials for your domain registrar or our staff can assist you with obtaining the required information from your Domain Host.

Approach Resources
Setting up your own domain redirect?
Need our help?
  • We are only assisting customers that are currently using GoDaddy or Google to host their primary domain. All others are required to contact their domain registrar with further instructions.
  • Please provide us with your domain's registrar login credentials. Our developers will need your login to configure the necessary record and settings.
  • Depending on your domain registrar, this process can take up to 48 hours to complete.
  • Depending on which starter package or web customization bundle you purchased, a setup fee may apply.

12. SMS Order Notifications

You can choose (1) mobile device to be alerted when a new order has been placed from your website.

You may be required to provide us with the mobile phone number and access code texted to you during setup.

List of potential carriers currently supported


13. Credit Card Logos

Credit card logos are generally required to be posted and visible somewhere on the website by most online credit card processors. Please provide your assigned project manager with a list of payment method options you plan to offer. Our staff will ensure that all accepted methods of payment are properly listed and visible to your online customers.

Not required for online catalog only websites.


14. Online Payment Methods

There are several online payment gateway options to choose from when choosing options for accepting payment online. Resaleworld is currently partnered with Vantiv (previously known as Mercury) and Payment Logistix. If you plan to offer hosted checkout, please contact click here for more information about each our credit card processors.

Once you have setup an account with Vantiv or Payment logistix, please inform your Resaleworld project manager that you have obtained all account and merchant identification material and that you are ready to setup online payment processing for your website. Your assigned project manager will proceed to collect the necessary information directly from you to complete the setup process or they may request that you contact the payment processor to complete the setup. PayPal, Vantiv (Mercury), Payment Logistics, AuthorizeNet, etc. Each of them have different criteria that we will need from you in order to properly get them configured.**NOTE** Not all payment processors are supported.

Payment Method Who will set this up?
PayPal Standard Resaleworld Development Team
Payment Logistix Payment Logistix support
Vantiv Resaleworld Development Team Resaleworld Development Team

Not required for online catlog only websites.

Offered by all online card processors:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Master Card
  • Visa
Note: Payment methods are determined between the store merchant and online payment processor.