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Resaleworld was originally formed as Liberty Systems in 1991, and renamed Resaleworld.com in 1999. Edmond E. DiRuzza, President & CEO adheres to the company's simple philosophy: "To develop, market, and support the finest inventory control and point of sale software for the consignment and resale industry". By focusing on providing top quality, state of the art software and outstanding customer service, Resaleworld grew to become the world's largest provider of software to the resale industry.

Today, Resaleworld provides inventory control, auction management and point of sale software specifically designed for the consignment, resale, trading assistant and retail industries. Our dedicated staff has decades of experience and includes several former consignment store owners.

This expertise and longevity has allowed Resaleworld to become, without question, the leading provider of software to consignment, resale, and thrift stores worldwide. Over 5,000 stores have chosen to computerize with Resaleworld - with a 90% market share in the U.S. and customers in 14 different countries around the globe, Resaleworld is the number one choice for high quality, easy to use software.

Resaleworld's flagship product is Liberty4 Consignment, the latest in a long line of state of the art software. Liberty4 Consignment combines ease of use, flexibility and power with an intuitive, ultra reliable design.

Resaleworld's mission is to create the most powerful, flexible and easy to use inventory management software package allowing stores to sell their products in-store as well as on-line with very little effort and to manage those sales effectively and with ease.

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